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Work with My Printed (SPOOLED) Content Published by: Bob Cozzi on 06 Jun 2012 view comments

WRKPRT (Work with My Print Files)

The WRKPRT command displays the output created by the current user profile on the current date or for the current job. The displays are either that of the WRKSPLF or WRKJOB command depending on the user's choice.

End Users love this command. They type in WRKPRT and see only the SPOOL files they've created "today". They really don't enjoy paging through old SPOOL files even though they want to keep them, seemingly forever.

What's more if they are one of those end-users who has to sign off regularly, specifying *JOB as the first parameter shows them their SPOOL files for the current job only.


DATE - Specify the date that the output (Printed Files) was created. In addition to a valid date, the following special values may be specified:

  • *CURRENT - Today's date. Only SPOOL (print) Files created today are displayed.
  • *JOB - Displays only the SPOOL (print) Files created for the job running the WRKPRT command.
  • *ALL - All SPOOL (print) File for the current User Profile are displayed.

USER - Specify the User profile whose SPOOL files are to be displayed. The following special values are allowed:

  • *CURRENT - Display the SPOOL files for the current user (for the given DATE).
  • *ALL - Display the SPOOL files created by all users (for the given DATE).

Additional Information

The name WRKPRT was chosen because in our research, end-users are more accepting of the term "Work Print" than with "Work Print Files". Certainly WRKSPLF would be good, but that's obviously been taken for decades. WRKPRTF may seem more clear to a Developer, but as we said, to an end-user WRKPRT is much easier. Think about this; An end-user calls you and asks a question requiring you to have them view their current printed reports in the Output Queue--reports they just generated. Think of the complexity of the WRKSPLF command's output or asking them to type in "Work Print File". Then end-user may try to type in wrkprtfile or something else. By naming the command WRKPRT you can simply suggestion, "To view your Reports from today, type in "WRKPRT" (Work Print). To view your reports for your current session, type in "WRKPRT *JOB".


This command is part of the COZTOOLS software package for IBM i. It is available as a free runtime download or as a licensed program with full source code. Visit www.cozTools.com for more information.


  • IBM i v5.4 or later.
  • WRKPRT Command Definition
  • WRKPRT CL Command Processing Program

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