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CLCASE Command Published by: Bob Cozzi on 28 Aug 2012 view comments

CLCASE - Convert Between Upper/Lower Case in CL

The CLCASE command allows the CL programmer to convert the contents of a *CHAR CL variable to all upper or all lower case letters. The conversion is done using the CCSID-safe QlgConvertCase API under the covers. Conversion to all uppercase or all lowercase is supported.

Parameter Definition

RTNVAR - Specify a CL variable that will receive the converted data.

VALUE - Specify the character CL variable that contains the text to be converted.

CASE - Specify CASE(*TOUPPER) to convert the text specified in the CL variable on the VALUE parameter to all upper case letters. Specify CASE(*TOLOWER) to convert that same text to all lower case letters.



The CLCASE along with the CLEDIT and CLSCAN commands are included in the runtime and Developer Editions of COZTOOLS, available at www.cozTools.com

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