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Retrieve Object Creation Level Attributes Published by: Bob Cozzi on 21 Apr 2012 view comments

RTVOBJLVL - Retrieve Program Level Attributes

The RTVOBJLVL command returns release level information for a program, module or service program into CL variables. This command may only be called from within a CL program or CL module.


OBJ - Specify the program name whose attributes will be returned.

OBJTYPE - Specify the option type: *PGM, *SRVPGM, or *MODULE are supported.

TGTRLS - Specify a CL variable to receive the target release specified when the program was created.

CRTRLS - Specify a CL variable to receive the release level on which the program was created.

PGMTYPE - Specify a CL variable to receive the program type. A returned value of '1' = ILE, a value of '0' = OPM.

PGMATTR - Specify a CL variable to receive the program's attribute, such as CLLE, RPGLE, CLP, RPG, SQLRPG, etc.

The RTVOBJVL command is part of the COZTOOLS library available for public beta testing beginning May 1st, 2012 and becoming available for general use in early August.

See also:

DSPOBJLVL command.


  • IBM i v5r4 or later.

Components Included:

  1. RTVOBJLVL - Command Definition Object
  2. RTVOBJLVL - CL Command Processing Program

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