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Send Object Utility Published by: Bob Cozzi on 10 Apr 2012 view comments

SENDOBJ - Send Objects Using FTP

The SENDOBJ command saves one or more objects into a user-specified SAVF (save file) and then transfers that save file to a remote system using the FTP protocol. Optionally, the  objects may be restored after they are transferred.

To use SENDOBJ, type the command on the Command line, then press F4 to prompt it. You will see a display similar to the following:

SENDOBJ Prompter 1 or 2

The RMTSYS parameter accepts an entry from your system's DNS, HOSTS table, or an IP address. The user profile and password are passed onto the embedded FTPFILE command but the password is obscured from view.

The 2nd page of the SENDOBJ prompter looks like the following:

SENDOBJ Prompter 2 or 2

The SENDOBJ command is part of the COZTOOLS library available for public beta testing beginning May 1st, 2012 and becoming available for general use in early August.


  • IBM i v5r4 or later.
  • FTPFILE CL Command from COZTOOLS
  • Active FTP server on your system and the receiving/target system.

Components Included:

  1. SENDOBJ - Command Definition Object
  2. SENDOBJ - RPG IV Command Processing Program

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