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Display System Information Published by: Bob Cozzi on 03 May 2012 view comments

DSPSYS (Display System Information)

The DSPSYS command retrieves information about the system and partition for the job that issues the command. That information is sent as a completion message to *PRV (the caller) and logged in the joblog. If the end-user running the DSPSYS command is on an IBM display or Command Entry, the message is normally visible in the "subfile message record" located at the bottom of the display.

===> DSPSYS             
COZ720 V7R1M0 DskUse:36.0266% CPU(1/3/4) RAM(7616) lparName:06-9999P

The following information is listed:

  • System Name
  • IBM I version and release level
  • Percentage of Disk Space Usage
  • Number of CPU:
    • Active in "this" partition
    • Activated on the system
    • Installed on the system
  • RAM (Memory) in megabytes
  • Logical Partition Name

The DSPSYS command uses the QPML* service program which most shops have set to PUBAUT(*EXCLUDE).

To list only the System Name and IBM I version/release level, use the DSPVER command instead; it does not use the QPML* service program.

The command is part of the COZTOOLS product for IBM i available for public beta testing beginning May 1st, 2012 and becoming available for general use in early August.


  • IBM i v5r4m0 or later


  • DSPSYS Command Definition
  • DSPSYS RPG IV program



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