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Rename Remote Database Directory Entry Published by: Bob Cozzi on 29 May 2012 view comments

RNMRDBDIRE - Rename RDB Directory Entry

The RNMRDBDIRE command renames an existing entry in the RDB Directory. The entry being renamed may be a named entry or *LOCAL (to rename the local entry). Since RDB Directory Entries may not be renamed, this command removes the entry with the original name and then adds the new entry using the old entry's settings.

RDBDIRE - The name of the remote database directory entry that is being renamed. The special value *LOCAL may be specified to rename the local entry regardless of its current name.

NEWNAME - The new RDB directory entry name. Specify any valid name or the special value *SYSNAME to use the system name (RTVSYSVAL QSYSNAME) for the RDB directory entry name.

RMTAUTMTH - Specify the new remote DB directory entry's authorization method. Specify *SAME to keep the current settings or alter them by specifying the same values available on the ADDRDBDIRE command.

System Requirements:

  • IBM i v5.4 or later
  • RNMRDBDIRE - Command Definition Object
  • RNMRDBDIRE - CL Command processing program


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