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Posted by: George Fuste
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Jacksonville, FL
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Published: 14 Mar 2019
Revised: 15 Mar 2019 - 1896 days ago
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XML-into Published by: George Fuste on 14 Mar 2019 view comments(1)

Cannot get count in field "numGTIN"


Using countprefix in XML options and have field numGTIN defined to store it.  Am I doing something wrong in my DS?


D OrderRecord DS Qualified Inz
D OrderHeader LikeDS(OrderHdr_T)
D OrderDetail LikeDS(OrderDtl_T) Dim(5000)
D numGTIN 10i 0

D OrderHdr_T DS Template
D StoreId 6 0
D StoreName 30
D UniqueOrderID 8 0
D DateCreated 20
D SupplierID 4 0
D SupplierName 30
D OrderTotal 7 2
D MessageToSupp1ier...
D 50

D PONumber 10 0
D AccountNumber 6 0
D OrderSource 4 0
D OrderStatus 2 0
D ValidateItemData...
D 1

D OrderDtl_T DS Qualified
D Based(Template)
D GTIN 14 0
D SupplierSKU 8 0
D Quantity 6 0
D Cost 7 2
D Front 1
D Back 1
D ItemDescription...
D 35
D PagePartition 1
D OrderedBy 15
D CasePack 5 0


XML-Into OrderRecord
%xml(%Trim(FileLocn): Options);


Options = 'case=any doc=file AllowMissing=yes AllowExtra=yes +



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Posted by: bobcozzi
Site Admin ****
Comment on: XML-into
Posted: 5 years 2 months 10 days 18 hours 38 minutes ago
Edited: Fri, 15 Mar, 2019 at 07:47:27 (1896 days ago)

The COUNTPREFIX is an identifier that is used to search the sub field list of the data structure for a field to insert the count. The suffix of that field must equate to another field in the data structure. In your example, the sub field name should be numOrderDetail