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Posted by: Chris Proctor
Programmer Analyst
Columbia Sports Company
Portland, OR
Indexed view question.....
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Published: 20 Sep 2017
Revised: 22 Sep 2017 - 327 days ago
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Indexed view question..... Published by: Chris Proctor on 20 Sep 2017 view comments(2)

Good morning, all. I had a co-worker from another team come to me with the request of creating an indexed view. The thing is, he wants this view to be a timestamp, which doesn't currently exist in the file. I do have a 6.0 digit field specified as the entry date in YYMMDD format, and a entry time as a 6.0 digit field in HHMMSS format. Is there a way to create a view, concatenating these two fields and converting it to a timestamp key for the view?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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