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Posted by: Tom Daly
Opensource Installer
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Published: 30 Mar 2015
Revised: 30 Mar 2015 - 3301 days ago
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Opensource Installer Published by: Tom Daly on 30 Mar 2015 view comments(1)

I recall installing some open source software that had a slick installation tool, I'm hoping someone can jog my memory. It was green screen and I'm pretty sure it was driven by an xml file. It might have used REXX, but I might be recalling a different installer.

Ring any bells for anyone?

I posted incorrectly and this appeared as an Article. I can't see how to delete that so I made it private. Sorry Bob.

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Posted by: bobcozzi
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Comment on: Opensource Installer
Posted: 9 years 14 days 8 hours 56 minutes ago

No problem Tom, I saw that and removed it. There is a Delete link at the top of each article/discussion thread that you create (next to the Edit link). For some users the Delete option doesn't appear, however.

I think you're thinking of an old Rexx !--script-- that people included with some software. It basically "unpacked" things onto the system. Personally I never used it except to actually install something once, but preferred the simplicity of the RSTLIB/RSTOBJ commands via a *SAVF than the !--script--. But it was a good alternative to full blown Products that normally would require the criptic IBM License Program APIs to build the installer via RSTLICPGM.

I think there is still one or two packages out there that use it. Perhaps on Tommy Holden's site (if it's still up and running). Also the News/34/38 magazine site (whatever it was called last) might have had it, but that's long been shut down (mostly).