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Posted by: Bob Cozzi
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Screen Design *DS3 and *DS4
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Published: 18 Apr 2014
Revised: 23 Apr 2014 - 3642 days ago
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Screen Design *DS3 and *DS4 Published by: Bob Cozzi on 18 Apr 2014 view comments(3)

Are people still using *DS3 for 90% of their display designs or have they moved to *DS4 mode since 99.99% of all displays are PC's with Client Access that can do either size?

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Posted by: DaleB
Premium member *
Reading, PA
Comment on: Screen Design *DS3 and *DS4
Posted: 9 years 11 months 26 days 8 hours 34 minutes ago
Edited: Fri, 18 Apr, 2014 at 13:51:15 (3647 days ago)

Most still *DS3, but a few where the wider *DS4 makes more sense than folding rows, alternate views, multiple pages for the same record, etc. It's not just about what will fit; usability is more important than getting everything onto a display all at once. Sometimes two views, of whatever fashion, are better than trying to cram everything into a single page, regardless of whether it's *DS3 or *DS4.

Supported a JWalk application for many years. All display files had both *DS3 and *DS4. The *DS3 was always shown to 5250 devices, but for JWalk clients it used *DS4. The extra space on the right was used mainly to provide for some enhanced navigation. !--script--ing was used for some functions to convert multiple 5250 panels into a tabbed interface.

Posted by: Bret
Premium member *
Comment on: Screen Design *DS3 and *DS4
Posted: 9 years 11 months 22 days 6 hours 20 minutes ago

lots of legacy code. *DS3 ran rampant.

i used scan and replace (option 25) to change them to *DS4. only had to change a lot of the client access to allow greater than 80 columns.

of course.....you can't make everybody happy. re-wrote one of the systems to take advantage of /free, real RPGIV stuff like "qualified", etc. made their screen much wider, although the font was a bit smaller, so we stretched the screen.

"they" are upset because their displays are 15 flatscreens and they use a .pdf form to fill in the data on the screen. "they" have to move the client access window up and/or down to see the entire .pdf form.

we're getting them new displays........

Posted by: dag0000
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Comment on: Screen Design *DS3 and *DS4
Posted: 9 years 11 months 21 days 9 hours 32 minutes ago

The times I have tried *DS4, I ended up getting a lot of complaints from older workers complaining about not being able to read the text because it was too small. Usually ordered to change it back after that.