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Posted by: TFisher
Opening up ports for web services
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Published: 27 Jun 2013
Revised: 28 Jun 2013 - 1874 days ago
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Opening up ports for web services Published by: TFisher on 27 Jun 2013 view comments(4)

I have some web services that I have developed for a project and I have deployed them using WebSphere’s deployment tool.  Now I am running into resistance with our security team, who are not very knowledgeable about the iSeries.  They don’t want to open up the necessary ports on the firewall so that our web services can be accessed over the internet.  They claim that once these ports are open that it’s a major security risk.

What are the security risks in doing this?  I am under the impression that Apache will control access and the only thing that can be done is to call our web services.

How is the rest of the iSeries world handling this?

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