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Posted by: abc4000
position subfile
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Published: 26 Apr 2013
Revised: 26 Apr 2013 - 4045 days ago
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position subfile Published by: abc4000 on 26 Apr 2013 view comments(1)

I am loading  ROW PER PAGE page at time. If I want to posstion my seach on row 13. how do i do? please help

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Posted by: DaleB
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Comment on: position subfile
Posted: 11 years 27 days 15 hours 34 minutes ago
Edited: Fri, 26 Apr, 2013 at 10:58:44 (4045 days ago)

SFLRCDNBR in the subfile-control record controls which page of the subfile is shown on output. It should be a 4 digit, 0 decimals field, O, B, or H. The value must be non-zero, and must not be greater than the number of rows in the subfile (so if the subfile is empty, you should set it to 1). More details, including examples, are available in Programming DDS for display files. You may also want to take a look at Application Display Programming.