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Posted by: Danny Hayes
Chain in RPG Free
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Published: 15 Apr 2013
Revised: 17 Apr 2013 - 2065 days ago
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Chain in RPG Free Published by: Danny Hayes on 15 Apr 2013 view comments(6)

I am at a new company, and am tasked with a little mod to an existing production program.

The pgm references a logical:

     A          R I0411                     PFILE(F0411     )
     A          K RPRMK                                      
     A          K RPAN8                                      
     A          K RPDOC   




The program using Free does the following:

Eval Wrknum=DaPnum  ;

Eval VndNum#=%Dec(DapVnd:8:0)   ;

Chain (WrkNum:VndNum#) F0411LAA ;

IF Not %Found(F0411LAA) OR RPCRC <> '835' ;

 Eval No835='Y'    ;

EndIf     ;


Have I slipped into an alternate reality where it is now possible to CHAIN using keys 2 and 3 while ignoring 1?

Thanks for your kind understanding.


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