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Posted by: Chris Proctor
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Can I use a SRVPGM in an RPG Stored Procedure?
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Published: 02 Apr 2013
Revised: 03 Apr 2013 - 3378 days ago
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Can I use a SRVPGM in an RPG Stored Procedure? Published by: Chris Proctor on 02 Apr 2013 view comments(3)

Good afternoon! I have an RPG stored procedure (SQL calls the RPG pgm) that I would like to use a service program with, but it appears that when I try to test it from iNav the stored procedure can't find the service program. I get the following error:


SQL State: 38501
Vendor Code: -443
Message: [MCH3401] Cannot resolve to object SODSRVPGM. Type and Subtype X'0203' Authority X'0000'. Cause . . . . . :   Either a system pointer or a data pointer can not be resolved. For a system pointer, it can not be resolved to object SODSRVPGM, type and subtype X'0203', authorization X'0000', because either the named object was not in any context referred to or the correct object was located but the user profile did not have the required authority. The object types for some common type or subtype codes follow: -- 0190-Access group, 0201-Program, 0401-Library, -- 0701-Journal receiver, 0801-User profile, 0901-Journal, -- 0B90-Data space, 0C01-Directory, 0C90-Data space index, -- 0E01-Job queue, 0E02-Output queue, 0E03-Message file, -- 0E02-User index, 0A01-Data queue, 1401-Class of service description -- 1501-Mode description, 0E05-Session description, -- 1001-Device description, 1101-Line description, -- 1201-Controller description, 1901-File, 1902-Message queue, -- 1903-Job description, 1904-Class, 1905-Command, 1906-Table, -- 1908-Edit description, 1909-Subsystem description, -- 190A-Data area, 190C-Graphic symbol set, 190D-Chart format, -- 1911-Query definition, 1912-Folder, -- 1915-Panel group, 1916-Menu group description, -- 1920-Data dictionary, 192D-Management collection, 19D0 Work control block table, -- 19D2-System value, 1B01-Process control space, -- 1E01-Byte stream file, 1E03-Local socket, 1E06-Character special file, -- 1E07-First-in first-out special file For a data pointer, it can not be resolved because the named object is not located within any program activation currently known to the process. Recovery  . . . :   Either specify the correct object name or specify the correct authority for the object.

Is there a way to get around this, or can you not use SRVPGMs with a RPG sproc program? Any ideas would be appreciated.


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