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Posted by: Chris Proctor
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Can an RPG Stored Procedure return 2 data structure result sets?
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Published: 05 Mar 2013
Revised: 06 Mar 2013 - 2143 days ago
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Can an RPG Stored Procedure return 2 data structure result sets? Published by: Chris Proctor on 05 Mar 2013 view comments(2)

Good afternoon. I have a situation where I want to return 2 data structures as results sets and I found that someone on a msgboard said you could just by calling the "set result sets array" twice, once for each DS. I tried it and the stored procedure in iNav didn't like it. Maybe I just have something defined wrong. Anyway, here's what my code looks like:


// return result sets to stored procedure

execsqlsetresultsetsarray :SAPOrderHdr for :hrow rows;

execsqlsetresultsetsarray :SAPOrderDtl for :drow rows;


And this is what I have defined in the stored procedure:


CreateProcedure PollForSAPOrders



specific PollForSAPOrders

externalname spncisaor




Here was the iNav message:


SQL State: 0100C
Vendor Code: 466
Message: [SQL0466] 1 result sets are available from procedure POLLFORSAPORDERS in MM610DVL. Cause . . . . . :   Procedure POLLFORSAPORDERS in MM610DVL was called and has returned one or more result sets. Recovery  . . . :   None.

Statement ran successfully, with warnings   (180 ms)

Low-order nibble of the byte at array offset 70 is not valid.  Byte value: 40.

Processing ended because the highlighted statement did not complete successfully


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Cool  

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