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Posted by: John Tremper
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Published: 28 Feb 2013
Revised: 07 Mar 2013 - 4058 days ago
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RSTUSRPRF Published by: John Tremper on 28 Feb 2013 view comments(2)

Good Afternoon All.  I have been working on a DR project that moves production libraries from one box to another.  I have it working pretty well, but have some questions about copying the user data across.  I am saving the production box's user profiles using the USRSECDTA command, then ftp'ing that file across to the DR box.  Here is where my question comes in.  Can the RSTUSRPRF command be used in batch mode?  I know you have to be in a restricted state.  My plan is to submit the job to QCTL, end all subsystems, then run the RSTUSRPRF command.  Has anyone done something like this before?

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Posted by: bobcozzi
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Comment on: RSTUSRPRF
Posted: 11 years 1 months 16 days 11 hours 1 minutes ago
Edited: Thu, 07 Mar, 2013 at 06:59:23 (4058 days ago)

Yep. I do it. Using a save file into which the users were saved.



 Then you need to restore the user profile authority.



Posted by: DaleB
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Comment on: RSTUSRPRF
Posted: 11 years 1 months 15 days 18 hours 45 minutes ago

RSTUSRPRF does not have to be run in a restricted state unless you're doing USRPRF(*ALL) or SECDTA(*DCM). RSTAUT does not have to be run in a restricted state in any case.

If you're doing other things, you still may need to restrict the system. If you're only restoring user profiles, it may not be necessary.