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Posted by: George Fuste
IBM i developer
Jacksonville, FL
Failed load source on IBM 810
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Published: 29 Jan 2013
Revised: 11 Feb 2013 - 4082 days ago
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Failed load source on IBM 810 Published by: George Fuste on 29 Jan 2013 view comments

I am currently in possession of an IBM 810 with V5R4. Turns out the load source drive in slot 1 of 6 has failed. Also the drive in slot 5 of 6 has failed. These 2 drives are not appearing on the DASD list when doing an IPL to DST using the LIC base cd. Since this is a personal use IBM i, there is no issue with downtime or saving data. There is a full system backup available on tape after I get the LIC cds installed to get me to a point where I can do a RSTSYS. I would like to initialize the other 4 drives and re-locate them into slots 1-4 and create a new load source. Turns out the system will not let me initialize any of the recognizable drives. I get an I/O error. This is strange since I can run an analysis to read the disk surface for readable pages. At this point I am at a loss as to how to proceed. Could my 2778 IOP card be bad? I dont know. Why are the other recognized drives usable to be re-purposed? HAs anyone ever run into this scenario? I could sure use some experienced input on this one. It's a box worth saving and I'd like to recover it. Thanks, George

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