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Posted by: seewiz
Multiple member file and record locks
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Published: 10 Jan 2013
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 2187 days ago
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Multiple member file and record locks Published by: seewiz on 10 Jan 2013 view comments(6)

Our BOM is a multiple member file.  A new member is downloaded every night.  We have a program that when the users are ready, they can make the new member the "current" member.  All the other programs that access this file use the "current" member in the processing.  The only programs that open this file with an update/add are the programs related to making the new member current. 

We have many other programs that access the BOM through embedded SQL or regular file specs of IF not UF.

The other programs lock the BOM so we cannot change the current member when other people are in these programs. 

Is there anyway around this problem?  We are running into the problem of having too many people accessing the BOM during the time the users need to make the BOM current.


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