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Posted by: clbirk
transferring ifs from one to another -different topic
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Published: 23 Aug 2012
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 1979 days ago
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transferring ifs from one to another -different topic Published by: clbirk on 23 Aug 2012 view comments(2)

Maybe I am stupid (o.k. I am stupid) but I guess I am confused when I look at the various save commands (SAV appears to be the one), but I wanted to move certain directories in the IFS from one machine to another (migration). I ended up simply using inav, copy/paste from the one IFS to my desktop and then from my desktop to the new one (didn't like wanting to do it with two machines open for some reason).


All was good and fine, except that the ccsid changed to 1252 and that was NOT a problem on 99% of the stuff in the IFS except for those ifs files that I write over every day with a CL command (*replace). Then of course, it wanted to blow up.


I believe, maybe incorrectly that even if I would have ftp'ed it, I might have had the same issue.


So how do you "easily" move folders, etc. in the IFS (talking "root"), to another machine and exactly how do you do the backup of such with the sav? command??


That is say your folder you want to save is "www/zendserver"...


Like I said I am not very smart.

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