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Posted by: clbirk
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Published: 14 Aug 2012
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schemas Published by: clbirk on 14 Aug 2012 view comments(1)

I had set up with inav, some database files inside of a schema (library).  Worked fine on v6r1 machine. Over weekend, migrated to new v7r1 machine, and due to incompatiable tape, etc. I ftped the save file of the "savlib" of the library/schema across.


While the file was fine, it no longer showed up in inav as a schema.  So what I had to do was as follows. I deleted the library off, I ran inav and built the schema, then I did a clrlib of the schema, then I did a RSTLIB and all was fine.


Is this the "normal" thing you have to do?  Odd thing was a couple of other libraries (purchased program related) showed up automatically as schemas, but all those that I did, didn't until I did this.



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Posted by: DaleB
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Comment on: schemas
Posted: 11 years 8 months 1 days 11 hours ago

Did the saved library/schema have a data dictionary? Pretty sure you can't restore a data dictionary object. You could create or restore the library/schema, then restore everything else (which is more or less what you did). Possibly the 3rd party libs had the other schema items (views, ...), just not the data dictionary objects.