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Posted by: prabhurman
Testing Automation of RPG based application on IBMi
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Published: 31 Oct 2011
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 4055 days ago
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Testing Automation of RPG based application on IBMi Published by: prabhurman on 31 Oct 2011 view comments(1)

Hi All,


Are they any good products/tools available for automating system testing of an RPG based application on the IBMi.

We have an RPG/DDS based application which we spend a lot of time every year manually doing system testing of the application. We would like to automate this process to make the testing more efficient/robust and accurate and also save time.


Any information on standard methodologies/best practices for testing RPG/DDS based on the IBMi along with some good products available will be very helpful.

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Posted by: DaleB
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Reading, PA
Comment on: Testing Automation of RPG based application on IBMi
Posted: 12 years 4 months 1 days 4 hours 57 minutes ago

I don't have experience with any in the last 10 years, but Google search on 5250 test automated returned plenty of results. Among them were IBM Rational, something from SmarteSoft, etc. Several mentioned mainframe in the titles, but details included 3278 and 5250, so they're probably OK, too.

If your needs are small, theoretically you could do it yourself with macros, or with EHLLAPI and some programming, but could require significant work to get it setup correctly. If your needs are more than trivial, probably better off finding a tool you like that's within your budget.