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Dropbox.com free 2GB cloud drive
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Published: 18 Aug 2011
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 2220 days ago
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Dropbox.com free 2GB cloud drive Published by: Bob Cozzi on 18 Aug 2011 view comments(2)

I've been using DropBox.com for over a year and love it. It's FREE and is effectively a USB Thumb Drive in the cloud.

Sign up for a free 2GB Dropbox cloud drive here.

When creating Powerpoint presentations, moving PC programs around, or just making sure my checkbook Excel file is current, I move everything onto the Dropbox drive and it automatically sync's it between my devices (including my iPad!).

This is NOT a commercial, it is a tip! It is one of those cool things I discovered and want to share with the IBM i Midrange community. Follow the link in this post, and if you sign up you get a free 2GB dropbox drive and of course they have more space options if you want to pay for it.

I wrote this article in my RPG Report newsletter on backups, and mentioned Dropbox, and a lot of readers signed up for it. No I get no nothing if you sign up, I don't care about that, it's one of those things like Skype or gmail.com that people should know about.

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