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Posted by: John Tremper
Backup getting Save-while-active request requires commit or rollback
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Published: 15 May 2019
Revised: 16 May 2019 - 1797 days ago
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Backup getting Save-while-active request requires commit or rollback Published by: John Tremper on 15 May 2019 view comments(1)

From time to time our backup will not complete because of Error CPI8365 and the joblog that it references is gone.  I do a wrkjob Job#/User/JobName and it's gone.  We are suspecting that the user is closing their client access window without first logging off, but this happens in the middle of the night so we are not sure.  We are constantly telling the users to log off before closing client access, but that doesn't always work.  We can not bring QINTER down for the backups.  I am wondering how this has been handled in the past?  Is it as easy as monitoring for CPI8365 then ending the job?  The SWA does great while it waits on transactions to complete, but if a file is locked because someone abruptly finishes the job, it won't finish.  Thanks in advance for any insight.

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Posted by: bobcozzi
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Comment on: Backup getting Save-while-active request requires commit or rollback
Posted: 4 years 11 months 1 days 4 hours 56 minutes ago

According to the MSGID info, if the job has ended, and it did not do a COMMIT, the system will do a ROLLBACK automatically. If you’re not getting to the msg until much later and the job has ended but the message is still waiting, then a good choice is to monitor for that message and do a wait loop and maybe send that job a messages to get off the system, then send the response to the message so it can continue.