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Posted by: Rich Wahlgren
QzhbCgiParse ZhbBuffer Lenght of 99999 limit?
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Published: 03 Jun 2016
Revised: 03 Jun 2016 - 2736 days ago
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QzhbCgiParse ZhbBuffer Lenght of 99999 limit? Published by: Rich Wahlgren on 03 Jun 2016 view comments(2)

V7R1 TR11

Good morning:

Need some feed back/experience/suggestions with increating zhbBuffer > 99999 when using QzhbCgiParse. At times we get a large web order and the total length is > 99999 characters and causes the API error out. I do realise that there is a lot empty XML tags that repeat themselves in the XML coming over and trying to get the web people to recude that, but until that is corrected I am stuck with what I have.

The code example is below

C                   callb (e) 'QzhbCgiParse'                      
C                   parm                    zhbCmd                
C                   parm                    zhbFormat             
C                   parm                    zhbBuffer             
C                   parm                    zhbBufLen             
C                   parm                    zhbRspLen             
C                   parm                    QUSEC                

D zhbCmd          s              6                            
D zhbFormat       s              8    inz('CGII0200')     

D zhbBuffer       s         99999                            
D zhbBufLen       s              9b 0 inz(%len(zhbBuffer))    
D zhbRspLen       s              9b 0 inz(0)       


Thanks, Rich Wahlgren

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Posted by: bobcozzi
Site Admin ****
Comment on: QzhbCgiParse ZhbBuffer Lenght of 99999 limit?
Posted: 7 years 5 months 28 days 13 hours 37 minutes ago
Edited: Fri, 03 Jun, 2016 at 10:09:36 (2736 days ago)

Why don't you increase the field length to something larger and change those goofy "9b 0" fields to proper 10i 0 fields that they're supposed to be?  (Sorry, using the "b" data-types some 20-years after they were displaced with "i" data-types is one of those things that piss me off). frown

It isn't an API issue, it supports 16mb parameters. It is the way it is coded in your example--the 99999 limit is your doing.

Replace the 99999 with the LEN(xxx) keyword where xxx is the length of the field. For example: LEN(250000)

Posted by: rmwahlgren
Premium member *
Comment on: QzhbCgiParse ZhbBuffer Lenght of 99999 limit?
Posted: 7 years 5 months 28 days 12 hours 7 minutes ago

Thanks Bob, that was my gut feeling about the size (set by someone else) and the "b" data types being converted to INT.