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IBM i v7r3 (7.3) Announced - 12 April2016
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Published: 12 Apr 2016
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IBM i v7r3 (7.3) Announced - 12 April2016 Published by: Bob Cozzi on 12 Apr 2016 view comments

IBM i v7.3 and v7.2 TR4 Announcements

IBM today, formally announced IBM i v7.3 and v7.2 TR4.

As more news is published, I'll post links here.

Based on what I've read so far, The SQL Services (SQL UDF, UDTF and Procedures) that IBM shipps with the system, have had a few enhancements made to the existing set of services. But no new services have been introduced from what I can see. The ones that were enhanced include USER_INFO, PTF_INFO, and OBJECT_STATISTICS. These currently have "Enhanced in base" which tends to mean that they have added a couple of additional columns to the results.

The TEMPORAL Support in DB2 for i, specifically within SQL is the big new along with OLAP (Online Analytical Processing).

RPG IV Enhancement Summary for v7.3

  • %SCANR Built-in Function
  • Data Structures on all I/O OpCode works as it should
  • Something called DCLOPT(*NOCHGDSLEN) which seems to fix what I would call a bug in RPG.

Aside from the above, the biggest news is that IBM i v7.3 requires Power7, 7+ or 8 CPU and will NOT run on blade servers even if they are Power7/7+. If you are running Power5/5+ systems with V5R4M0, you need to buy or lease new Power8 hardward on which to run v7.2 or v7.3 (you won't believe the speed enhancements with those chips!)

Access Client Solutions

There is a refresh of ACS v1.1.5.1 from March 2016. Download it from this link.

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