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Posted by: Dave Jameson
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Published: 02 Feb 2016
Revised: 10 Feb 2016 - 2942 days ago
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EIM API's Published by: Dave Jameson on 02 Feb 2016 view comments(2)

I'm trying to setup users in EIM using the API's in RPG.  The examples I have found are in C refernce variables like EIM_SOURCE and EIM_TARGET and I can't figure out where they get a value.  Anyone have any EIM examples in RPG? 

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Posted by: bobcozzi
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Comment on: EIM API's
Posted: 8 years 27 days 20 hours 38 minutes ago
Edited: Tue, 02 Feb, 2016 at 15:49:33 (2950 days ago)

Hi Dave,

Most of the APIs are delivered as C prototypes and #defines.

They can be located in the H file in library QSYSINC.

The prototypes and defines you are looking for are in source member QSYSINC/H(EIM)

The EIM_SOURCE and EIM_TARGET defines are actually "enumerated" values. From the include member, I see that they probably equate to the following:





Usually those things start at 0 and go up 1 for each enum entry. So this is my best guess.

Normally I would be the one to prototype the APIs in RPG-syntax, because IBM never does. However I've never needed the EIM APIs so I haven't done that. But I'm sure you can probably do that yourself.


Posted by: davwjam
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Comment on: EIM API's
Posted: 8 years 20 days 3 hours 18 minutes ago

Thanks Bob that helped a lot.