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Posted by: Puga Sankara
Question - Connecting back to disconnected sessions - iSeries
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Published: 12 Dec 2015
Revised: 13 Dec 2015 - 1292 days ago
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Question - Connecting back to disconnected sessions - iSeries Published by: Puga Sankara on 12 Dec 2015 view comments(1)


Is there anyway you guys can help with this question? 
Is there any way I can connect back to a session that is disconnected from the client, however it is still running in the Server.
I am doing a Telnet connect from the client.
Basically this user is logged on to a session through Telnet and due to weak wifi signal gets disconnected.
Now the client is disconnected, however the job is still running in the server.
Is there a way the user can log back to the same session and job that he was on and continue from where he left off?
Many thanks for the help.
Best Regards


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