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Posted by: clbirk
what you see is not what is there.
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Published: 04 Nov 2015
Revised: 04 Nov 2015 - 1443 days ago
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what you see is not what is there. Published by: clbirk on 04 Nov 2015 view comments(1)

I have a table that was built 2 years ago, in which the first field (column) should have been defined character but it was defined numeric. It is like 12 long.  It would have values in like either:






Now I chain this file with 123456789RYT (in a character field, not numeric), and I made hits just fine.


But when I look at the records what I see (wrkf or strsql) is 123456789983 (983 is RYT when you strip the zone).


So I am thinking that what we "see" is not necessarily what is written. I know I have had this issue with a file that has a null record yet I can't see any such record and it does not show up in the record count, etc.


This program has been running off this file for two years I discovered it today by accident, and rebuilt the table with the first column being character and dumping the data back in, and then went through and fixed those that got stripped.

I would have thought I would have seen it in wrkf but no...


thoughts besides beating the programmer who misdefined the sql column with a ....




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