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Posted by: Bob Cozzi
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IBM RDi v9.5 Coming
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Published: 02 Sep 2015
Revised: 03 Sep 2015 - 1505 days ago
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IBM RDi v9.5 Coming Published by: Bob Cozzi on 02 Sep 2015 view comments(3)

IBM is announcing an update to the RDi product. For IBM i users there is (very) little new functionality but two new features that caught my eye are:

  • Addition of a built-in 5250 emulator
  • Removal of the 80-column restriction in RPG code editor, to enable fully free-form RPG (use of fully free-form requires corresponding support in the RPG compiler, delivery of which is expected in the form of a TR during the calendar quarter in which this announcement is being published)

Both are extremely useful features; I'm speculating IBM is integrating ACS's 5250 emulator plug-in, but the interesting one is the 80-column RPG support. I haven't read or heard about IBM relaxing the 80-column restriction, if they do, that'll be a great day so long as the compiled code runs on v7r1 as well as v7r2.

[UPDATE: IBM confirms that the RDi announcement "pre-announces an upcoming RPG IV feature" but won't add anything further. My speculation is that RPG IV may FINALLY free itself from its 80-column Punch Card Legacy!]

What I do not see is support for non-Windows environments, specifically Mac OS X.


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