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Posted by: Krishna Ganti
Multiple MQ Manager on AS400
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Published: 14 Aug 2015
Revised: 14 Aug 2015 - 3205 days ago
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Multiple MQ Manager on AS400 Published by: Krishna Ganti on 14 Aug 2015 view comments



Do anyone used multiple MQ Managers on same AS/400 MQ instance? If yes how easy it to setup and use it.


We have to use same queues and MQ Channel with different MQ Manager, IBM Manul says it can be used.. i never did thought of checking how ture it is. Today i dont send any Queue Manager info to the API, once i intrduce 2nd manager I have to send the Queue Manger info. so that the API uses queue in right Queue Manager. Please correct me if this is not right.


Any Information will be great help.




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