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Posted by: Bob Cozzi
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Alternatives to QUSLFLD and QUSLMBR
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Published: 02 Oct 2014
Revised: 06 Oct 2014 - 3434 days ago
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Alternatives to QUSLFLD and QUSLMBR Published by: Bob Cozzi on 02 Oct 2014 view comments(3)

IBM has replaced PDM with AMT (I think that's the name) and elminated SEU.

New customers can no longer get PDM on their systems, but they can purchase the roughly $360 AMT (not a bad price at all).

This got me to thinking about building a base WRKxxx system similar to PDM and giving it away.

The first thing I thought about was the legacy APIs, QUSLMBR and QUSLFLD and if there are contemporary forms of these APIs?  Apparently the QDBxxxx API supports member lists, but is so complex in its returned value, that I really don't want to bother.

So the other APIs such as QUSLOBJ have contemporary versions in the QGYOLOBJ and related APIs. They all seem to work great. But I don't see anything for QUSLMBR or QUSLFLD (at least nothing easier than QUSLFLD).

What do you use for member and field list purposes?

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Posted by: starbuck5250
Premium member *
Comment on: Alternatives to QUSLFLD and QUSLMBR
Posted: 9 years 4 months 30 days 3 hours 38 minutes ago

I still use QUSLFLD and QUSLMBR.  I have the guts wrappered and in a service program so they're easy for me to use.


Are you 100% certain that PDM is no longer marketed?  The 7.2 announcement letter mentions new exit point QIBM_QSU_ALW_EDIT for SEU, and Application Development ToolSet is still listed in the Hilights section.  I was under the impression that Application Management Toolset was intended for very lightweight work on a non-development system: fixing CL programs, FMTDTA specs and such.  It specifically does NOT support RPGLE source types, but it does come with a limited PDM.  AMT is LPP 5770-AMT.

Posted by: DaleB
Premium member *
Reading, PA
Comment on: Alternatives to QUSLFLD and QUSLMBR
Posted: 9 years 4 months 30 days 2 hours 55 minutes ago

So, here's the $64,000 question: Can you EDTCLU an RPGLE member type, and just not have any syntax checking? Or are you not even allowed to do the edit? In which case you change the member type to TXT (which appears to be supported), do the edit, then change it back. Even with the essentially unnecessary member type changes, this is would still be a better choice than EDTF, in the event I had to edit something when I'm not at a developer's workstation.

Posted by: FCSBRIAN
Premium member *
Southwestern Ontario, Canada
Comment on: Alternatives to QUSLFLD and QUSLMBR
Posted: 9 years 4 months 27 days 3 hours 38 minutes ago

I still use a combination of the QUSLOBJ and QUSLFLD APIs