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Posted by: clbirk
what is an HMC
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Published: 06 Aug 2014
Revised: 07 Aug 2014 - 3540 days ago
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what is an HMC Published by: clbirk on 06 Aug 2014 view comments(2)

I know it is a console of sorts, but why have an HMC?  My power 6 and power 7 machines have a plain jane pc that serves I guess as such. That is where we bring it up and answer the password and log onto the "master" screen, and besides that, we can turn it off (if we want), and never use it again.  I read all the time about folks having to update their HMC firmware, etc. and seems like a real big hassle. Plus if I want to do "gotomypc" or "logmein" to this master pc, I can, which I am not sure that is as easy with the HMC?

When you can buy an off lease lenovo pc from ibm for $250 or less, why would you fart with a HMC? I must be missing something.



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Posted by: SteveCCNJ
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Egg Harbor Twp., NJ
Comment on: what is an HMC
Posted: 9 years 8 months 10 days 11 hours 43 minutes ago

The HMC is a single console from which you can manage multiple systems.  It is addressable on your network with a browser session from anywhere on the planet.  If you can get into your network you can get to your systems.  You can even powerdown the Power i and bring it back up from your family room if you want.  This includes IBM being able to get to your system when necessary, including their being able to put system modules into debug when necessary to work on APARs and PTFs for your benefit.

From the HMC you have total access to all parts of your hardware and operating system.  You can take over the console for any of those systems all from the single HMC.  You can create and managed logical partitions and re-IPL them individually.  You can also manage the operator panel for each system remotely.  You also have control of Capacity on Demand features from the HMC.

Much more can be found in the IBM Power Systems HMC Implementation and Usage Guide online.


Posted by: DaleB
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Reading, PA
Comment on: what is an HMC
Posted: 9 years 8 months 9 days 20 hours 26 minutes ago

It's been awhile since I had to look at this, but there are (or were) certain partitioning capabilities that are only available through HMC. Also, larger servers require (or at least used to require) HMC; PC console was not an option. If you're not in one of those situations, by all means save the money and keep using PC console.