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Posted by: GL Slone
Stored Procedure Call from .NET
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Published: 29 Jul 2014
Revised: 17 Sep 2014 - 1428 days ago
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Stored Procedure Call from .NET Published by: GL Slone on 29 Jul 2014 view comments(5)

I am having a problem returning data back to a .Net application from a ISeries (V7R1) stored procedure that calls a SQLRPGLE program. There is one "IN" parm and 2 "OUT" parms. When run native on the I, the procedure returns the proper data upon exit.

When invoked from the .NET app, blanks are returned to .NET.

The biggest problem is not beig able to view what comes into the SP from .NET, hen it comes in,  and how it interacts with the server going back.

when a valueis hard coded as LR is turned on, then it sends that value to .NET, leading me to believe the problem is in the IN variable, which is key to the return of a valid value.

Anyone aware of a way to verify parms coming in from .NET?

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