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Posted by: TFisher
Compiler Directives in Free-form RPG
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Published: 20 Feb 2014
Revised: 20 Feb 2014 - 2065 days ago
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Compiler Directives in Free-form RPG Published by: TFisher on 20 Feb 2014 view comments(2)

I have been reading up on the free-form RPG that is part of IBM’s Technology Refresh 7. Something that isn’t immediately clear to me is whether or not the /COPY and /INCLUDE compiler directives are going to be allowed or not.  I have read where they only allow /IF, /ELSE, and /ENDIF within a free-form statement.  Is it safe to assume that the other directives can still be used as long as it’s not “within” a free-form statement?  If not, that would be a problem since all our prototypes are stored  outside of our applications.


In case you are wondering...I would try it myself, but we don't have everything installed yet to use it.

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