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Published: 08 Jan 2014
Revised: 04 Mar 2014 - 1378 days ago
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RPG World Blog 2014 Published by: Bob Cozzi on 08 Jan 2014 view comments

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Welcome to RPG World Blog

2013 and Midrange World

This has certainly been the year for what's old is new again. In case you missed it, during 2013 the following events took place:

  • IBM I v7.1 TR7 was announced and shipped
  • RPG IV became totally free-format
  • Cozzi Productions (our parent company) celebrated 30 years of independence (we started in October 1983)
  • For the first time, IBM did NOT change the name of the product or Operating System; well sort of; does pureSystems count?

Beyond that, we continue to provide MidrangeNews.com which is the place to go to share information about IBM i and RPG development, or to find something we've already written for you. Starting with this issue and into 2014 we are changing some policies and some content.

  • Newsletter: This newsletter is the follow-on to our hugely popular "RPG Report". What we learned in 2011 through 2013 is that IBM i folks just don't care what something is called, they just want to read it and move on with their busy lives. So starting with this issue, "RPG Report" no longer exists. In its place, "Bob Cozzi's RPG World" blog begins publication. Its schedule shall be (as some say) "Cozzi-esq".  Its content will be on whatever we decide that day.
  • Online Seminars. We have plans to use the tools available today that were not available even two years ago, and bring back Seminars to the RPG World. But today, instead of spending $50,000 on a hotel (and yes, that is what one of our RPG World in-person conferences cost us; and that's just for the meeting space and food, not all the rest of it) we are going to use online tools to broadcast webinars from time to time. Hopefully we can also make them available for download for our non-North America members. Many of you have told us your companies have 18th century mentalities; meaning they do not allow you to watch video content at work. So we will start with lecture/seminar style webinars and provide a way for you to pay from work, but watch at home. If we can figure a way to do that, we will produce and broadcast our first one in March 2014 and see how it goes.
  • Membership/Payments: We have changed our membership model starting January 1st. We now accept monthly/recurring or one-time payments in the form of donations or "tips". While this is a subtle change from who we did things in the past, it does mean we no longer require a paid membership for our "paid content". Instead, Members shall be allowed to view our content, while those who continue to donate to the cause shall be thanked and offered discounts on our online seminars. Those discounts will be worth the recommended $2/monthly fee. But it is entirely up to you to decide if you want to contribute.
  • Cozzi Tools: We love when RPG developers ask us for information on how to do something that is already written and tested and available in Cozzi Tools. Our COZTOOLS library has many useful CL commands and RPG add-on functions that are ready to go. It is offered in 3 different packages. (1) Free runtime, (2) Developer edition, and (3) Enterprise edition. To our surprise, the Enterprise Edition sold the most in 2013. Seems people want the source code for "escrow" purposes. Cozzi Tools had a good 2013 and we're looking forward to providing the solutions to your needs in 2014.

Please continue to contribute to and participate in our fantastic Discussion Forum. We've worked hard to provide an easy to use interface that RPG and IBM i developers can leverage for free. In 2014, please tell your friends about it so it can be even better.

2014 and RPG World Blog - Premiere Issue

The Premiere issue of my RPG World blog discusses the use of the Unit of Measure (UOM) Parameter on Printer Files and specifically the OVRPRTF command. This keyword gives you the ability to print correctly on most contemporary printers. Although I discuss LaserJet printer specifically, the technique is applicable to any modern LAN or connected PDF enabled, laser or inject printer.

If you have any ideas for future BLOGs, just let me know. Now, go ahead and jump into that first issue.

Sponsored by: Cozzi Tools

COZTOOLS Providing the Solutions for RPG IV and CL development for 30 years.

We've already written the tools you need in your RPG code so you don't have to. Most shops already have

Featured CL Commands:

  • CPYTOCSV - Copy to Excel-compatible CSV format.
  • DSPOBJLVL - Display Object Information, sort by any value, select/omit objects to be listed, show damaged objects or those created within a specific date range.
  • CPYFRMPDF - Copy PDF on your IFS to an PDF-compatible printer.
  • CPYOUTQ / CPYPRTF - Copy a SPOOL file or entire Output Queue(s) to another OutQ or to PDF.
  • RTVDATE - Retrieve Relative Dates into a CL variable.
  • SAVLIBL / RSTLIBL - Save the library list and restore the library between calls to other programs.

Visit: www.cozTools.com


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Bob Cozzi is a technical advisor to IBM i clients around the world. His specialty is solving difficult programming issues for his clients, training their programming staffs, and performing system migration/upgrades for small shops. His consulting rates are available online. To contact Bob, send an email to: bob at cozTools.com

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