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Posted by: LarryP
iSeries programmers needed
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Published: 03 Oct 2013
Revised: 04 Oct 2013 - 1966 days ago
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iSeries programmers needed Published by: LarryP on 03 Oct 2013 view comments(2)

I have a potential opportunity that will either plant the iSeries in this company for the forseeable future or as so many others it will be a thing of the past.  The issue I have is finding RPG programmers that assist in writing and redeveloping code that has allowed this company to grow and expand for 25+ years. Fortunately or unfortunatley the code hasn't been modernized through the years and much of it is in cobol.  For the past couple of years since I inherited it, we have begun utilizing current and modern RPG all in free for new development and maitenencae where possible.  The people here love the iSeries, but desire more modern look. I know we can provide that given the time and approval. 

Management decided to look outside for existing software, but is allowing us to pitch against that.   They will allow us to re-write and modernize but they are concerned (rightfully so) that we can find people to assist.  I want to be able to utilize outside services and manage the development from our company's perspective.  We are in Alabama and it seems there are few if any RPG folks around these days.  Does anyone here know of companies or groups that provide these services.  In todays world I do not think proximity is an issue, but will obviously require some on-sight time.  

I have had the fortune of working with this technology for several years and would really love to continue, but I have to find value to use to pitch this to the execs that will ultimatley give me the approval or force me into another arena.



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