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Posted by: idav
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Published: 02 Aug 2013
Revised: 05 Aug 2013 - 3939 days ago
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RFID Data Published by: idav on 02 Aug 2013 view comments(1)

Has anyone done much with rfid?  We have a Zebra RZ400 that encodes a smart label and an Impinj portal that reads it.  Thanks to Scott Klement for the tutorial on sockets which enabled me to poll the reader for the epc data.  But understanding the process and how to get the read data into usable data is beyond me.

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Posted by: Paulster
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Comment on: RFID Data
Posted: 10 years 9 months 14 days 12 hours 12 minutes ago
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Second half of the 90ies last century, I worked with RFid. We had hand-held scanners to scan individual items as well as a scanner in the gate to scan a complete truck as it left the premises on its way to deliver the goods. The scannersoftware was a C++ thingie that returned a text string of the data stored in the RF including its unique ID. As the data returned to the RPG program was already in formatted text, there was no rocket science involved in handling it - more like simple string handling.

I looked up your Zebra you use but it seems to be a printer/encoder so maybe my little history lesson above is quite irrelevant. What is it you are trying to do?