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Posted by: Deepak Deshpande
AS/400 Freelance Programmer/Analyst
CPYF from a PF to flat file (With -ve values)
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Published: 19 Jul 2013
Revised: 19 Jul 2013 - 3271 days ago
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CPYF from a PF to flat file (With -ve values) Published by: Deepak Deshpande on 19 Jul 2013 view comments(4)


We have one CL where a PF is copied to a flat file to be FTPed later.

The PF has some amounts which can be negative. After CPYF to flat file, last digit from these negative values gets replaced by a char as follows:

o --> }

1 to 9 --> J through R

Example: 51.88- becomes 518Q and 130.30- becoems 1303}

Is there any way to avoid this? I know, I can write one small RPG program & do this. Just wondering if I can avoid that.



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