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Posted by: Bob Cozzi
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Client Access v7.1 re-install
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Published: 21 May 2013
Revised: 24 May 2013 - 4017 days ago
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Client Access v7.1 re-install Published by: Bob Cozzi on 21 May 2013 view comments(2)

After installing the latest Client Access 7.1 PTF package it began acting oddly. The first session would always load/work fine. But any other session I launched would be as if nothing was clicked, or a simple black Client Access session screen would appear with "disconnected" on the bottom then nothing.

Using Task Manager in Windows, I was able to see that for each session I clicked on, another pcws program was running. I would have to kill each one of them or reboot the Windows session in order to resolve the issue--but then only with one session actually working.

So I did what any long-time Windows user would do, I uninstalled Client Access and re-installed it, then launched it once. Then closed it down and installed the current PTF package.

So far, all is well today.

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Posted by: FCSBRIAN
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Southwestern Ontario, Canada
Comment on: Client Access v7.1 re-install
Posted: 11 years 2 days 14 hours 49 minutes ago

Had similar issues until I loaded SI47412.

Obviously they on tested with 1 session open at a time!


Posted by: bobcozzi
Site Admin ****
Comment on: Client Access v7.1 re-install
Posted: 10 years 11 months 30 days 19 hours 48 minutes ago

After a complete uninstall of Client Access and a full reinstall from the IBM-supplied DVD and then the latest PTFs applied, I'm seeing the same issue. The first session loads normally, but subsequent sessions just open a black window and the "hour glass" appears.

I'm beginning to think a Windows 7 display driver update or perhaps some other Windoes 7 update has something to do with it. Undecided