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Posted by: Bob Clark
multi page DDS!! ( page up/down )
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Published: 16 Apr 2013
Revised: 22 Apr 2013 - 4049 days ago
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multi page DDS!! ( page up/down ) Published by: Bob Clark on 16 Apr 2013 view comments(3)

hello , as a newbie in RPG i created a DDS file to input data that is save to a PF

now i want to create a DDS file with multiple pages ( page up/down ) to input more fields!!!

Got lost there , how should go about doing this ???

any examples i could learn from ?


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Posted by: Viking
Premium member *
Comment on: multi page DDS!! ( page up/down )
Posted: 11 years 1 months 6 days 8 hours 26 minutes ago

Bob Clark, it seems that you are asking how to write a subfile program, and I think that is too general a question for anyone to really answer in a post here.  You'll need to read up on subfiles and look at some examples.  If you want a book, there is one called "Subfiles in Free-Format RPG" by Kevin Vandever that assumes you don't know anything and takes you through the details.  It's published by MC Press.  Otherwise, look at examples you find in the IBM manuals and by googling, for example with "rpg subfile examples" which will bring you numerous examples.

Good luck, and come back to ask more specific questions after you get going.

Posted by: clbirk
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Comment on: multi page DDS!! ( page up/down )
Posted: 11 years 1 months 3 days 9 hours 20 minutes ago

if you are talking about creating a dds or ddl file and populating with a simple program such as dfu, then strdfu with option 5 will go and allow you to fill in the file and if there are more fields than will fit on a screen it will have a second screen, etc.

Posted by: Paulster
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Sweden and The Netherlands
Comment on: multi page DDS!! ( page up/down )
Posted: 11 years 1 months 1 days 1 hours 31 minutes ago

Hi Bob,

Welcome to the IBM i and the wonderfull world of RPG!

No, I don't want to throw you off-track but as a newbie maybe you should not focus too much om yesterdays techniques such as RPG/400 or III and DDS. The stuff you want to learn today is RPGLE, subprocedures, SQL (embedded), Open access etc. DDS is definitive a thing of the past with DDL replacing it. It's no longer physical and logical files but tables and indexes nowadays.

Assuming you've learned some other languages before, the newer stuff might be easier to learn for you. As a front-end UI, PHP seems to be the way to go so you might want to check that out too while you're at it.


Good luck and happy RPGing,