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Posted by: SteveCCNJ
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Calling iSeries pgm from .NET pgm
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Published: 22 Mar 2013
Revised: 25 Mar 2013 - 1853 days ago
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Calling iSeries pgm from .NET pgm Published by: SteveCCNJ on 22 Mar 2013 view comments(4)

We are being asked to have a .NET SQL Server pgm directly execute a CL pgm on the iSeries.  I can think of several ways to try doing this (SQL CALL? Stored Procedure?).  But I thought I would ask here to see if any of you have a preferred way of doing this in your shops.  The iSeries Access CLI extensions will not be installed on their server - just ODBC connections.

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Posted by: neilrh
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Jackson, MI
Comment on: Calling iSeries pgm from .NET pgm
Posted: 5 years 29 days 20 hours 48 minutes ago
Edited: Fri, 22 Mar, 2013 at 15:17:39 (1856 days ago)

Usually go with Stored Procedure for all the corps I've worked with. But I'm the i-side dude, so I don't deal with the .NET stuff - just the RPG/CL code.

Though sometimes the Stored Procedures are my domain (they're on the AS/400 and .NET folks get scared of computers that don't need to be rebooted every couple hours), where other times I just write the programs and the Stored Procedures are the "web people" thing. As I noted recently, both splits in domain can have issues when uses/reads/modifies SQL DATA comes into play.

Posted by: SteveCCNJ
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Egg Harbor Twp., NJ
Comment on: Calling iSeries pgm from .NET pgm
Posted: 5 years 29 days 18 hours 48 minutes ago

Without the iSeries Access CLI stuff they seem to be having problems invoking the Stored Proc.  So here's what I'm going to try:

Create a table for them to insert a row with a specified request.  Attach a Trigger Pgm to the table to respond to Inserts only.  The Trigger Pgm will do the requested Call and will send them a SQL Server trigger file in return (go file) when their results are ready.  I'll try this early next week.


Posted by: clbirk
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Comment on: Calling iSeries pgm from .NET pgm
Posted: 5 years 28 days 18 hours 53 minutes ago

do you have a webserver active on the ibmi? You could have the .net program call a webservice/page that would trigger the calling of the "i side commands" you want to do, and then return back the information.



Posted by: Ringer
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Comment on: Calling iSeries pgm from .NET pgm
Posted: 5 years 27 days 2 hours 12 minutes ago

Sounds like a "hack" to me, using a trigger for a a request and response. Can you turn the RPG into a SOAP web service using the IWS? Then .net could consume a SOAP web service. The one drawback (or used to be?) is that the RPG parms are rigid, the client/agent can't send variable length data.

Chris Ringer