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Posted by: John Dowling
Array Processing
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Published: 01 Mar 2013
Revised: 05 Mar 2013 - 2881 days ago
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Array Processing Published by: John Dowling on 01 Mar 2013 view comments(4)

I have a field in a customer master that contains both City and state.  I want to move state to another field.  My thought process is to load the address into an array, read from the last postion untill I find the first no blank field, read one more then I have the state. here is the code


D                 ds                                  
D    address                    30    dim(1)          
D      cycyst                   30    overlay(Address)


                    x       =  30;                  
               dou  address(x)<> ' ';               
                    x       =  x-1;                 
                    x       =  x-1;                 
                    field6  =  %subst(Cucyst:x:2);  


I am getting a subscript out of range on the second pass (when x=29)

any ideas ?




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