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Posted by: clbirk
dumb question on trigger (not roy rogers horse)
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Published: 05 Oct 2012
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 2493 days ago
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dumb question on trigger (not roy rogers horse) Published by: clbirk on 05 Oct 2012 view comments(6)

Can a physical file trigger call a "CL command"..


Here is the scnerio, on a web page in php, if they click a certain button, I am going to write a row to a table, and I want it to activate a CL command that actually truth be told will call a s/36 ocl command that will do something.

I was using the easycom/aura "plugin" however now with new zend server that no longer works (free), and I know there is the xmlservice toolkit and I can do that, but I wondered if when setting up a trigger and it says program, can that be a cl command (even if that cl command has then an strs36prc command within it?


I guess an alternative is to call a stored procedure that would have a call like:


CALL QSYS.QCMDEXC('chgcurlib curlib(saleslib)',0000000023.00000);


and of course put in what I am after...  I can do the stuff with xmlservice but I thought I would give triggers a try...





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