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Posted by: Chris Proctor
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Columbia Sports Company
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Using a passphrase in a public key in batch....
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Published: 10 Aug 2012
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 2187 days ago
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Using a passphrase in a public key in batch.... Published by: Chris Proctor on 10 Aug 2012 view comments(4)

Happy Friday. Everything I've been reading says not to use a passphrase in a private/public key for an SSH connection if the job is going to run in batch, because someone has to answer it manually. The users that I'm developing the SFTP process for want a passphrase for additional security. Is there a way to automate the entry of the passphrase? Maybe in the script file or something like that? I know that kind of defeats the purpose for "additional security".

Maybe I just need to tell them that unless they want to run the job and enter the passphrase every time it comes up a passphrase can't be used.


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