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Posted by: neilrh
Jackson, MI
Did IBM recently "FIX" the RPG compiler?
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Published: 02 Aug 2012
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 2798 days ago
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Did IBM recently "FIX" the RPG compiler? Published by: neilrh on 02 Aug 2012 view comments(11)

When I modify a program or write a new program, I have gotten into the habit of moving the *ENTRY PLIST to a PI.  Normally I don't have a care whether the program is compiled as a OPM or ILE unless I am adding procedure calls to it.

So I have here a little utility program which accepts some parms (from a CMD interface) and does some operations to a file.  The parms are defined in a PI, and the program is entirely standalone (no external procedures required), so I originally created it as an OPM.  Now many months later I need to alter a couple of lines of code (change some calculations), and the program will not compile: 

001300 d USSTLLDPR3      pi                                                     
001400 d  InstDate                      7s 0                                    

 Now the EXTPGM function cannot be added to a PI, and we're at V7.1 so I do not need a PR, though I doubt adding a PR will help. (note - apparently adding the PR does allow it to compile - WTF?!)

So what's IBM's plan here - force me to go back in time and add the PR's for *ENTRY PLISTs defined as PI's, or when compiling main application programs change them to DFTACTGRP(*NO) and risk various overrides and openscopes not working as expected???

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