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Posted by: clbirk
what do I need to do?
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Published: 22 Jul 2012
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what do I need to do? Published by: clbirk on 22 Jul 2012 view comments(3)

4 years ago I moved from 3 machines with 5 guest M36's sessions to an ibmi (M25). We moved the thousands of files, probably 20,000 programs and nearly like # of procs over to the M25, in a two week time period (literally we moved one system one weekend, and the other system the next weekend) with very little problems.


Now we are replacing the "M25" with a E4C (power 7 720), and there is not a compatible tape drive between the two systems, so I plan on doing SAVF's and ftping them across. Machine is running S36EE, and so what sorts of gotcha's do I need to what out for?


I am also going from V6R1 to V7R1. I won't be moving any "system libraries", I had planned on moving the QS36F however and maybe the QSSP where all the profile stuff is. 


Before it was easy because I did a "save all" on the old machine, and did a s36 restore and files were on and I was done (libraries done similarly and I did mass compiles, I realize I won't have to "compile" everything).




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Posted by: bobcozzi
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Comment on: what do I need to do?
Posted: 11 years 9 months 30 days 15 hours ago

I wish I could help. I have a "product" I built called QMigrate that does just what you need--but it purposely omits QS36xxxx libraries (well, those and any "Q" libraries).

If you've installed the COZTOOLS runtime, it includes SENDLIB and SENDSAVF commands.

You could use SENDLIB to send all your libraries to the other system (specifying *ALLUSR) and then use it to send over the QS36 libraries. But those libraries are Product libraries and should be installed. So after transferring them, you'd have to re-install that product to replace any old stuff that got brought over--although I doubt they've been updating it.

Isn't QS36 NOT available on v7.1 anyway? Or am i wishfully dreaming?

Posted by: RalphAMiller
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Franklin, TN
Comment on: what do I need to do?
Posted: 11 years 9 months 28 days 19 hours 45 minutes ago

Just FYI - we still support s36 environment on a model 525 with v7r1.

Posted by: redboxeri5
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Ft Worth TX
Comment on: what do I need to do?
Posted: 11 years 9 months 23 days 11 hours 39 minutes ago

FWIW:  We did a conversion from an I520 to Power 7 e4c last November.  We still use the 36 environment (alas) and found the conversion almost painless.  However, you might want to consider ownership issues if you are just doing SAVF.  Wouldn't you want to Restore the authorities after you restore the libraries?   We bought the latest internal tape drive (5638- LT05) but used the LT03 tapes to restore from.  What about your IFS?