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Posted by: deepthi
Subfiles usage
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Published: 31 May 2012
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 4138 days ago
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Subfiles usage Published by: deepthi on 31 May 2012 view comments(1)

i know we have 3 different types of subfiles and at our work site we mostly use load all subfile. But can anyone tell me when do we go for each subfile and issues faced in each case.

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Posted by: neilrh
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Jackson, MI
Comment on: Subfiles usage
Posted: 11 years 11 months 22 days 18 hours 3 minutes ago

My personal preference is load-all when you're talking less than a few dozen records.  Typical examples is a list of "codes" to select from.

For most other cases I go with page at a time extending, thus I load a page when the user presses PageDown beyond what is already loaded.  Issues with this is that if there are more than 9999 records and the user holds down the PageDown key the subfile will blow up unless you trap the "more than 9999 records" condition.

Very occassionally I will approach something as a load all, when the user wants a column sort ability, but in those cases I load the data to memory/userspace, and still load 1st page only.  When the user selects a column to sort by, I sort the data in memory, then load page 1 with the new sequence.  Once data is in memory the program flies along - loading data to memory is marginally quicker than throwing it all to the subfile.