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Posted by: petemets
RPGLE , Java Oracle problem
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Published: 07 May 2012
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 2805 days ago
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RPGLE , Java Oracle problem Published by: petemets on 07 May 2012 view comments(1)

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Posted by: DaleB
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Reading, PA
Comment on: RPGLE , Java Oracle problem
Posted: 8 years 4 months 23 days 14 hours 5 minutes ago

Focusing on the line

0268.00                                where from_lic = "licplt"');

Double quotes are used around an identifier. The line, as written, means where the column named from_lic is equal to the value in a column named licplt. If you omit the quotes, where from_lic = licplt, it means the same thing; it assumes licplt is a column name. You typically only need double quotes when your name has embedded spaces, or other special characters.

If you want to compare to the text literal licplt, you need single quotes, where from_lic = 'licplt'. If you need the single quotes, because it's a literal value, you'll need to double them, because they're embedded in an RPG character literal:

0266.00     count = JDBC_ExecUpd(conn:'update sonica.v_host_ship_info +

0267.00                                set upld = "Y" +

0268.00                                where from_lic = ''licplt''');

btw, you might also consider adding OPTION(*SRCSTMT) to your H-spec. Your error message would point to line 26600 instead of the mysterious 3084. [Unless you have a compiler listing handy, or you're in the debugger and you've also used DBGVIEW with *LIST, *COPY, or *ALL.]