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Cozzi Tools 2012 Tool List (Partial)
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Published: 02 Apr 2012
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 4051 days ago
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Cozzi Tools 2012 Tool List (Partial) Published by: Bob Cozzi on 02 Apr 2012 view comments

This is the growing list of what will be included in the upcoming COZZI TOOLS 2012 package which begins beta testing on May 1, 2012 and General Availability on or around August 7, 2012. I am only including those that are in production and ready for our beta program; this is not the entire list, however.

If you have any comments or don't see something you would like to see included, please post a Command below. Thank you!

Cozzi Tools 2012 - Commands

  1. FTPFILE - Send/Receive Files using FTPFILE CL command (supports any file type, including save files)
  2. FTPRCMD - Send and run a remote command (up to 3, in sequence) on a remote system using the FTP  rcmd interface.
  3. CPYPRTF - Copy a SPOOL file to another output queue. Can select based on job, user, and original outq.
  4. CPYOUTQ - Copy SPOOL files from one or more outq's to a single target outq on the local system or remote system.
  5. CPYTOCSV - Convert a DB2 file to Comma Separated and store it on the IFS.
  6. CRTUSRSPC - Creates a user space.
  7. CRTUSRIDX - Create user index.
  8. DLTUSRSPC - Delete user space.
  9. DSPPTNINF - Display Partition Information.
  10. RTVUSRSPC - Retrieve user space (similar to RTVDTAARA but with a user space).
  11. ADDDUR - CL Command to add a duration to a "date" value.
  12. CHGPGMSRC - Change the source file member name identified as being used to create the program.
  13. RTVJOBD - CL Command to retrieve the library list of a *JOBD. 
  14. DSPPGMSRC - CL Command to generate a list of source members used to create the *MODULEs in *PGM or *SRVPGM objects.
  15. SENDSAVF - Sends Save Files to another location using FTP. Can send up to 300 save files at once. Save file name can be generic, *ALL, specific name and there is an OMIT parm as well.
  16. SENDSRC - Sends source to another system, retaining the source statement change dates.
  17. SENDOBJ - Sends an object (generic, full, or *ALL) to another location and optionally issues a restore.
  18. RNMOBJOWN - Changes the owner of all the objects owned by one user profile to another user profile.
  19. COZSPLEXIT - Exit Program to add Option "C" to WRKSPLF, WRKOUTQ and WRKJOB to evoke our CPYPRTF command.
  20. DSPVER - Displays the version of IBM i running on your system.

Cozzi Tools 2012 - Subprocedures

  1. joblog - Write a line of text to the joblog.
  2. SndMsgID - Send program message using a CPF msgid.
  3. SndStsMsg - Send a status message to *EXT.
  4. SndInfMsg - Send informational message.
  5. parseCSV - Parse a CSV file, separating out its fields.
  6. GetDevIP - Returns the IP address of a Workstation ID.
  7. GetDayOfWeek - Returns the Day of the Week for a given date.
  8. GetEndOfMonth - Returns the end-of-month date for a given date.
  9. GetDayName - Returns the text name for the given date.
  10. GetDate - Get Relative Date (tomorrow, next Thursday, 4th Friday of the month, etc.)
  11. dateDiff - Returns Years and Months and Days between two dates.
  12. getGMT - Returns a date/time stamp in GMT format.
  13. cvtCase - Convert between upper and lower case letters (CCSID safe).
  14. FindReplace - flexible search and replace.
  15. regexFind - Scan using regular expressions.

Tools in bold are hardened (meaning they have been sent to distribution) items in non-bold are not read as of this writing.

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