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Posted by: Deepak Deshpande
AS/400 Freelance Programmer/Analyst
Record lock situation
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Published: 08 Dec 2011
Revised: 23 Jan 2013 - 1978 days ago
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Record lock situation Published by: Deepak Deshpande on 08 Dec 2011 view comments(3)


I have an interesting situation. In our order processing system, we have a series of programs. Since there are multiple ways (Punched/Through FTP/Through Telxon units etc.) in which order gets created, the entry programs are different. 

So far, we had about 6 to 7 members (Ex. FTP/POS/TLX etc.) in our order file where the orders get created through work file & then the subsequent flow is same for all members until orders get transferred to 'ORDER' member.

Today I added a new member and a new entry point for orders. All programs work fine except one RPG program. This particular program reads LF1(NEWMBR) & updates LF2(NEWMBR). Both LFs are in UPDATE mode. Here I get a record lock condition. Please see the code below.


FLF1     UF  E           K        DISK
FLF2     UF  E           K        DISK

I              FLD1                            XFLD1
I              FLD2                            XFLD2

C           KEY2      SETLL LF2
C           *INLR     DOUEQ'1'
C           KEY2      READE LF2                      LR
C           *INLR     IFEQ '0'
C           KEY1      CHAIN LF1                     91

Since READE would lock the record, CHAIN would fail. But how did it work earlier?

I am on V6R1, if it helps.

Totally clueless on this, any help appreciated.



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